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Advanced Technology

Our office uses some of the most advanced dental equipment to offer patients the most complete and thorough care available.

Below is some of the equipment and technology that are utilized during treatment:


Digital X-rays

Digital radiographs are used to capture an instant image, resulting in shorter appointments.  The level of radiation needed for digital x-rays are also reduced compared to conventional film x-rays.  Once the image is captured, it is transferred to the computer for improved visualization and diagnosis.

Surgical Microscopes

Surgical microscopes are used during every case to allow for enhanced vision through better illumination and magnification.  With the microscope Dr. Yeung can see canals and other objects within your tooth that would be missed with the naked eye or loupes.  Our microscopes have digital cameras attached to take pictures and videos of your tooth.


This device vibrates a diamond coated metal tip at a high frequency and allows for precise and conservative removal of small amounts of tooth or fillings, all done under the microscope.  Our office also uses electric handpieces, which are much more quiet and efficient than conventional drills that use compressed air.

Apex Locator

Used to accurately determine the length of a tooth without the need for additional radiographs, reducing chair time and radiation exposure to the patient.